Sanne Vloet


As the heart of Sanne's workouts, these exercises are meant to connect the mind and body through conscious movement. Sanne focuses on improving strength, posture, and flexibility that makes your body feel good. The classes are designed to be integrated into any lifestyle: with only a mat and a few spare minutes, you can remove yourself from your busy day-to-day and connect with your body.



Switch up your daily routine and get your heartrate up with these classes. Paired with upbeat music and light weights, the workouts combine the focus of pilates and intensity of HIIT classes. Sanne loves variety, so work out all your muscles and build a satisfying sweat in just 30 minutes.
Sanne Vloet
Sanne Vloet


Created to squeeze into those busy days or add on to your daily workout, the express classes are fast-paced and highly targeted. Add an extra burn to your busy day when your body is craving it.


Listen to your body—if you’ve been working at your desk all day or getting ready for a good workout, your body will be asking for a stretch. We offer two types of stretch classes. With a foam roller, Sanne will guide you through techniques to improve posture, release tension, and decrease soreness. In her equipment free classes, she will connect breath focus and stretch to center you from a long day or warm you up before a workout.
Sanne Vloet
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